MK2 Kinetic 16v Turbo Kit (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
MK2 Kinetic 16v Turbo Kit (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Product Description

Have you been searching for a turbo kit for your MKII 16V Golf or Jetta? Well here is the Kinetic Motorsport Stage 1 16V Turbo Kit. On a stock 1.8 or 2.0l 16V engine you will see approximatly 40whp at 5lbs of boost. If you are looking to go bigger, just add an intercooler and lower the compression (ie: head spacer, pistons or 2.0L ABA) and this kit will support up to 300whp.

Kit Features:
> Mitsubishi Small 16G Turbocharger
> Kinetic Motorsport 16V Turbo Manifold
> 38mm Wastegate
> Kinetic Motorsport 2.5" Stainless Steel Downpipe
> Kinetic Motorsport Stainless Steel Intake
> Kinetic Motorsport 16V Inlet Elbow
> Oil Feed/Drain Kit with fittings
> Kinetic Motorsport Silicone Hoses and Stainless Steel Clamps
> 36# Injectors
> Split Second AIC1 Additional Injector Controller

*Note: This kit does require some tuning - Air/Fuel must be checked!!!
**Fits: 1986-1992 MKII 16V Golf/Jetta