CLEARANCE Rotiform CCV 18x9.5 5x112 SILVER ET25 66.5 LIKE NEW
CLEARANCE Rotiform CCV 18x9.5 5x112 SILVER ET25 66.5 LIKE NEW
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We have a new but not new set of 18x9.5 ET25 Rotiform CCV wheels with both silver center caps, and red center caps for sale for $850 shipped. Only one has been mounted for test fit purposes.

The story of these wheels is below! Most of you aren't acutely aware of how prevalent credit card fraud is, but its something we deal with every day. Most days we catch suspicious transactions before they are processed and shipped, but every once in a while one gets through.
We recently lost a set of Rotiform wheels to a stolen credit card purchase, not one of our finer days. But with the help of the Cary police department and the Nassau County police department, the perpetrator has been arrested and the wheels have been recovered.

I will try to keep a long story short, but a special shout out to our in-house internet detective department (the names of which will remain anonymous for security purposes) first class internet sleuth skills and Jamie Orr for his assistance in drawing out the perpetrator, and his diligence in hooking us up with the right persons of authority to ensure an arrest.

The link below details the story pretty well, but here is a rundown:

We received an order for a set of Rotiform CCV wheels, they were shipped to and delivered to an address in Uniondale NY. A week later, we were contacted by our credit card processor that the transaction was fraudulent and a chargeback had been started. That's when our sleuths went to work - finding vwvortex, instagram and ultimately facebook profiles that were linked to the phone number used on the fraudulent order.

We came to find that our suspect was an owner of a Laser Red B5 S4, a car that the wheels in question would fit, and that he had recently been on a search for new wheels. We were also able to determine that the owner of this car had a rap sheet that included grand theft and theft of vehicle parts, that he lived less than a mile from the address the wheels were delivered to - and that the delivery address was a house in foreclosure with no one living in it.

This was all great information, but still a bit circumstantial until the suspect decided to attempt to sell said Rotiform wheels on Facebook. Yes friends, hes that stupid, not only did he use his own phone number for a fraudulent order, but he also posted the stolen goods for sale on facebook. Jamie was a great help in stringing out the sale of the wheels, while the authorities stepped in to build a case and make an arrest. Their job was finally made very easy when the suspect used the same stolen credit to order Papa Johns pizza delivery to his house.

Yes, he ordered pizza with a stolen credit card. To his house.

I wish the perpetrator well, and hope that his time in jail/prison will allow him to improve his education to help find a job or vocation, or at least the knowledge to not use his personal information when stealing things from other people.