VWR Cold-Air Intake System (Golf R FSI)

VWR Cold-Air Intake System (Golf R FSI) - Click to enlarge
VWR Cold-Air Intake System (Golf R FSI) - Click to enlarge
Item# VWR12G60R
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One of our most popular products is the VWR Cold-Air Intake System kit, enabling cold, dense air from outside the engine bay to reach the fuel metering unit more efficiently for 2.0 ‘TFSI’ turbo engines in MK6 Golf R models.

The VWR RacingLine Cold-Air Intake System replaces the standard factory intake with a complete, high-efficiency, high flow intake system. Developed for use in our Volkswagen Racing cars, the VWR system delivers really impressive airflow gains – as much as 9% higher at peak power than that of the original intake system. By reducing turbo spool by up to 500rpm in some cases through the enhanced efficiency of the system, lightning fast turbo response is guaranteed. In our experience, no other intake kit gives the gains on a high-power GTI that our VWR one does.

  • MK6 Golf R FSI