Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit

Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - Click to enlarge
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - Click to enlarge
Item# KCA316
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Whiteline Anti Lift Kit (WALK) is designed to add 0.5 deg static positive caster to both front wheels while changing the nature of front anti-dive & lift. The low compliance bush also maintain higher dynamic positive castor. By changing the front control arm geometry - the new alloy mounts coupled with the new low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings change front suspension attitude. This leads to superior traction under power including cornering & dramatically reducing understeer & front wheel spin. The additional castor coupled with the new firmer bushings supplied serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response then forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner due to the reduced bush compliance.

  • MK5 VW Rabbit, Jetta, GTI, GLI & R32
  • MK6 VW Golf & GTI
  • MK6 VW Jetta & GLI
  • B6 & B7 VW Passat & CC
  • 5N VW Tiguan
  • 8P Audi A3
  • MK2 Audi TT